LightSweeper is a light-up dance floor that you can also play games on. Stepping on the pressure-sensitive tiles triggers lights and sounds, allowing you to play fun games like giant Minesweeper.

Lightsweper getting STOMPed on at ALT Space, photo courtesy of Michael Poggenburg

The LightSweeper project debuted at Critical Northwest in 2014 and since then has appeared at Burning Man in 2014 and 2015, Critical Northwest again in 2015 and at various smaller events around Seattle. We are constantly working on improving the hardware, software, sound, and surroundings that contribute to this unique immersive experience.

We're planning to bring Lightsweeper to Critical Northwest and Burning Man again in 2016, as well as Soak in May. If you are excited to try out our game board and you are interested in donating to help us fund the transport and maintenance of it, please use the paypal link below:

Interested in joining our team or have questions? Email lightsweeper (at) z3n.org